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Plugged In

While I try not to talk about the Cha Cha to avoid comparisons with another local writer, I have to give the bar a big thumbs up to them for stocking Lucky 40s. Chug-a-lug! Since I have a ton of new Northwest music to talk about, I’m cutting straight to the action.

Zeke’s new CD “‘Til The Living End” came out in April on Relapse. I’ve been a fan of these guys since the “West Seattle Acid Party” days and they never disappoint me. The new CD has great production, the music is the fast punk’n’roll you’d expect, and there are some instant classic songs like “On Through The Night,” “Hold Tight” and “The Hammer.” The blazin’ shit kills, and along with a couple slower guitar-laden rockers, “‘Til The Living End” makes for a well-rounded heavy as fuck album.

XXXaudio has been picking up steam, playing larger shows with bands like the Lashes and Hell’s Belles; they recently released an EP entitled “The Wreckage and Reclamation.”

I finally snagged a copy of Dragstrip Riot’s self-titled CD on Go-Kustom Records. If you are into the rockabilly revival at all, definitely seek this out. Dragstrip Riot are totally fun; they rip out psychobilly and garage rockin’ songs with a 50’s rock’n’roll flavor. And they are unique enough to set themselves apart from a lot of the newcomers jumping into the genre.

Vancouver’s New Town Animals reunited a few months ago and they have a new single out on Longshot Music. The band will be playing up in Vancouver at the Nerve Magazine showcase that takes place May 6-8 at various venues. Expect a new album from the band on Dirtnap this summer.

Despite still needing permanent drummer (after losing theirs to the Spits), the Amazombies are not slowing down. The band gave me a copy of six songs they recorded recently with the drummer from One Man Army. The songs smoke, certainly worthy follow-up material to their debut album on Go Kart Records. The drummer from the Hollow Points has been filling in on live shows, but hopefully the band will hook up with somebody permanent before summer hits.

Black Nite Crash just released their debut self-titled EP. Their sound is lush, layered indie rock. The slower songs remind me a bit of some ‘80s bands like the Lemonheads and Chameleons, only with way heavier guitars and more of an edge. I have to admit, I like faster songs like “Skin.” The band plays next at Graceland on May 14; check ‘em out, they put on a good live show.

Demolition Roundup: I’ve been getting demos left and right these days and really wanted to plug a few of the newer bands out there. Betty X play good heavy industrial punk with female vocals; fans of Ministry and the Genitorturers, take note. The High Dive have a mellow indie pop sound, with not quite enough gusto to grab me, but I know they have something good going on. The Suspicions have a melodic garage rock sound with female vocals, while their demo is pretty raw, I like their energetic sound and catchy music. The All American Playboys ripped it up live when I saw them at Clinic and the CD they slipped me is packed with the same kind of energy—fast, fun, sing-a-long rockabilly and sax-laden rock’n’roll, the kind that makes you wanna dance. Donner Party of Four bring on the surf; it’s primitive and lo-fi, and I dig how it’s not very polished (I also love the name).

Keep those demos, CDs and music news comin’, dan@tabletmag.com

Upcoming Show Action: 5/1 Broken Bottles, the Stitches & the Poxies @ Studio Seven/Seattle, 5/1 Urge Overkill & the Last Vegas @ Graceland/Seattle, 5/1 Deadbolt, Octabites & Drag Strip Riot @ Tractor/Seattle, 5/2 Swarming Hordes, Akimbo, Playing Enemy, New Mexicans, Abodox & Snitches Get Stitches @ Doc Maynard’s, 5/4 Andrew WK, No Motiv & Jersey @ Neumo’s/Seattle, 5/5 Einsturzende Neubauten @ Showbox/Seattle, 5/7 Clorox Girls, Del Toros, Vena Cava & the Triggers @ Twilight/Portland, 5/7 Division of Laura Lee, the Catheters & Run Run Run @ Dantes/Portland, 5/7 “A Night of Young Fresh Fellows” w/members of Visqueen, Pure Joy, Model Rockets, YFF’s + more @ Crocodile/Seattle, 5/8 Joel RL Phelps, Treasure State & Ghost Stories @ Vera/Seattle, 5/9 Gary Young’s Hospital (ex-Pavement) & Charming Snakes @ Funhouse/Seattle, 5/10 In Flames, Killswitch Engage & As I Lay Dying @ Showbox/Seattle (in Portland 5/12 @ Roseland), 5/11 Peaches & Dance Disaster Movement @ Neumo’s/Seattle, 5/11 Gwar, Three Inches Of Blood & Watch Them Die @ Roseland/Portland (in Seattle 5/12 @ Showbox), 5/14 Camarosmith, Hangmen & Trepan @ Funhouse/Seattle, 5/14 Rockin’ Rod & the Strychnines & Ronson Family Switchblade @ Twilight/Portland, 5/15 Minus the Bear, Swords Project & We Regazzi @ Dantes/Portland, 5/18 The Distillers @ Showbox/Seattle, 5/19 French Kicks, the Joggers & On The Speakers @ Crocodile/Seattle, 5/21 The Catheters, Akimbo, the Hunches & the Lights @ Vera/Seattle, 5/21 Zeke & Hell Promise @ Graceland/Seattle, 5/23 Cheap Trick @ Showbox/Seattle, 5/28 Invisible Eyes & Neins @ Twilight/Portland, 5/29-31 1st Annual “NW Punklife Festival,” all day event with bands + more @ Funhouse/Seattle

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