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The Emergency

Words: Dan Halligan

Image: Amy Halligan

Image of lead singer from band, The Emergency

In February, just a few months after practicing in a garage, the Emergency burst onto the Seattle music scene with urgency and excitement. With a mix of rock’n’roll, garage and punk and a soul singin’ woman up front, people are bound to draw immediate comparisons with the Bellrays. But not so fast, says the Emergency’s Nick D. “We were hearing the comparison to the Bellrays so we went and saw them. They sucked, we left halfway through.”

Bandmembers cite bands like the Mooney Suzuki, MC5, the Stooges, and a pile of old soul and R&B bands as their inspiration. They love balls-to-the-walls live shows and if you’ve seen them live, you know they follow through with a set packed with energy and action.

Catch the Emergency live September 10 at the Lobo with Jodie Watts and Jimmy Flame and the Sexxxy Boys and September 14 at Funhouse. They are recording their debut album in Detroit with Jim Diamond and plan for a late fall release.

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