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Image of book: Kim Gordon Chronicles

Sonic Youth

We love vanity projects and Kim Gordon so when we heard that there was a book filled with her musings on the Strokes and lovely pics of her through the years, we just had to snatch it up. “Kim Gordon: Chronicles Vol. 1” is a fun read with loads of photographs of the god of bass guitar. We look forward to volume 2. $20, available at artbook.com.

Image of fashion wrist cuff by Spencer Moy

Cuff Me

Designer Spencer Moy has created the photo cuff as a wearable piece of art. You take your favorite photos and cut them to fit onto the cuffs. They are available in a range of style and colors and we like them better than the ubiquitous rubber bands that people are sporting. $17-$25, available at smoy.net.

Image of moving Gift Basket

Moving on Up

Don’t you hate it when friends ask you to help them move? Now, you don’t have to break your back and still come off like a good friend without lifting a finger. Get them this “gift basket” full of goodies to help them transition to their new abode. The reusable metal toolbox is filled not only with a tape measure, hammer and other tools but also chocolate, a subscription to “Dwell,” gourmet cookies and two small bottles of bubbly. $120, available at elsewares.com.

Image of Beetle RC Battle Bots

Bug Fighter

A perfect gift for those kids that grew up collecting spiders and making them fight, Segatoys has created the “Beetle RC Battle Bots.” Using a remote control, players can make these creepy looking beetles fight each other. Comes in regular beetles or scary stag beetles style. $55, available at audiocubes.com.

image of dna image mapping from dna11.com

Arts and Science

The marriage between art and science has created the first artwork kit that utilizes your DNA. Created by a geneticist and a web expert, the kit allows people to produce “high end, digital art from DNA.” Your DNA will be extracted using “non-intrusive methods” and placed on either canvas or a lightbox to fill up your living space or business. $390-$790, available at dna11.com.

Image of tub drain stopper with hand

That Sinking Feeling

There are not enough words to say how much we love this product—a drain stopper with a hand reaching upwards as if in need of help. It’s perfect and at such an affordable price. Get it for your gory friends. $8.95, available at modernpoverty.com.

Image of Sketchels bag from jeremyville.com

Art Tote

Launched recently at the San Diego Comic Con, the limited edition Tim Biskup bag caught our eyes. These satchels are working pieces of art you can carry your sketchbooks and other sundries in. Other artists who have created “sketchels” include Fawn Gehweiler, Nathan Jurevicius and Gary Baseman. Hurry, they only produced 100 of each of the artist’s bags. $150, available at jeremyville.com.

Image of picture by Jef Czekay

Wishlist Item

Jef Czekay paints lovely comic portraits of such notable musicians as Sleater-Kinney, Thalia Zedek of Come and Morrissey. These 5x7 gauche paintings sure beat any rock concert poster and would look handsome in anyone’s parlor. $34, available at czekaj.com/paintings.html.

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