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Search and Download: MP3s to Read and Hear

Words: De Kwok


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Want to hear the new Sigur Ros album in its entirety before it hits the record store? Want to know who made Annie, Clap Your Hand Say Yeah and MIA such hot properties before the media vultures propelled them to stardom? MP3 bloggers have been posting tracks by known and unknown musicians long before MTV or the mainstream media got wind of them. Despite crackdowns by the music industry to stop leaking of tracks online, MP3 bloggers have posted tracks from such artists as Bjork, the Go! Team and Sister Scissors long before their CDs became available. If you search the Internet for free music, you’re bound to come across music blogs. The best part of all of these blogs is not only the free music you can download onto your iPod, but also the raw and unbiased reviews of current and past musical acts. People rave and rant on these sites about bands like they know them personally. It can be an entertaining time waster and I’ve spent countless hours reading the ranting of people loving or hating, say, Bloc Party.

MP3 blogs are also a great way to introduce yourself to new sounds and artists that you may not know about. During the past few weeks I’ve been going mental over the Long Blondes, Ladyfuzz, the Pipettes, Rough Bunnies and rediscovering such classic bands as the Pink Lady and ESG. Be warned that some MP3 blog tracks are available for a limited time and once they’ve been pulled from the site, they’re gone. Here is a quick primer of some of the best MP3 blogs around. Log on and enjoy.

stereogum.com—A great place to start. Lots of links to other music blogs.

fluxblog.com—Witty comments on the music posted and a keen ear for good songs.

arjanwrites.com—Queer-slanted MP3 blog and really obsessed with the Killers, Kylie Minogue and Sister Scissors. Nice interviews and behind the scene posts.

copycommaright.blogspot.com—A great site with interesting post about artists covering other artist’s music. Hear Paul Anka cover the Cure’s “Love Cats.”

people.freenet.de/bootlegbrowser—One of my secret sites. Perfect for the collector who just has to have every live recording or bootleg of their favorite band.

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