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PLAYLiST: iPod DJ Night at the Mirabeau Room

Words: Jeanna Barrett

PLAYLiST: iPod DJ Night at the Mirabeau Room

When attending PLAYLiST, the new open iPod night at the Mirabeau Room, the staff only asks that you play more than just one artist. “We have only had to stop one person who decided they should torture us with Courtney Love,” the Mirabeau Room’s manager Dave Meinert said. “I think they were from out of town.”

The Mirabeau Room (529 Queen Anne Ave N) is only one bar of many capitalizing on the current iPod craze. With the estimated sales of iPods in 2006 reaching 23.6 million units, everyone wants to own one and everyone wants to share the music they think is the latest or best. Every Thursday and Friday from 6-9pm the Mirabeau Room invites their customers to share their individual playlists with everybody in the bar. People sign up on a list to reserve their DJ spot and when their name is called they plug their mp3 player in for 15 minutes and rock out. Meinert said the music is wide and random and includes everything from pop and punk to jazz, house and electro.

“People really like to listen to a diverse amount of music and get turned on to new stuff,” Meinert explained. “Radio isn’t satisfying this desire, so the iPod and events like PLAYLiST help them get this. Other people also like to play what they’re into and share it with the world.”

Meinert said iPods tend to be more efficient than human DJs because they don’t bitch or make mistakes, but DJs need not worry about their careers; “I don’t think [iPod nights] are replacing DJs. The DJ union doesn’t need to worry about job security for its members. It is just a cool, fun and trendy thing.”

PLAYLiST is just two early evenings at the Mirabeau Room, which typically offers a diverse performance lineup including house, hip hop, Bollywood, Bhangra, reggae, dancehall, indie rock, a comedy slam, a poetry slam and a piano lounge. Meinert boasts that iPod nights are not only fun, but also welcoming to all types of people. “People should come to it,” he said. “Cheap drinks, half-price appetizers, great music and a hot staff. Really, what else is there? And we’re accepting of all people—we have a motto—What happens in Enumclaw, STAYS in Enumclaw.”

For more information visit themirabeauroom.com.

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