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Her Space Holiday has been known for years for lush IDM treated indie “pop that can break your heart faster than a teenage crush.” With his new album, “The Past Presents The Future,” set to hit the stores the last week of September, Marc Bianchi lets us in on what he’s rocking on the hi fi. With a new record and a big tour in the works, it looks like he’s found the right inspiration for his artistry—next comes the loot!

Motivational Music for Making Money

Side 1

1. T.I. “Rubber Band Man”

2. M.I.A. “Bucky Done Gone”

3. MIKE JONES “Back Then”

4. THE GAME “300 Bars”

5. FREEWAY “What We Do"

6. STREET PRICE “Garbage City”

Side 2

1. DIZZEE RASCAL "Everywhere”

2. Jay Z “My First Song”

3. kanye west “Family Business”

4. lady sovereign “Cha Chaing"

(Cheque Remix)

5. aesop rock “We're Famous”

6. The Streets “Sharp Darts”


Her Space Holiday’s new CD “The Past Presents The Future” comes out September 27 out on Wichita Recordings.

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