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Bluebottle at Bumbershoot

Words: Rosa Powers

Art is for everyone. Bluebottle Art Gallery and Store understands this well, providing stunning touchable art for people for almost three years. In addition to their year-round offering at their Capitol Hill location, you should now keep your eye out for them at Bumbershoot 2005 because Andrea and Matthew Porter are coming for their second year.

Their gallery provides a support system for the arts community. Picking up the slack when other venues go under, they keep artists selling regularly and they profit only from commissions (unlike the ever-rising up-front price many charge to participate in venues like I Heart Rummage, where it is common for artisans to eat entry costs because they do not sell above it). Bluebottle has proven itself to be a vibrant, solid force in local arts, where original paintings, t-shirts, collectibles, cards and other objects of excellent quality are made accessible to all. Functional and fairly priced, the tactile nature of Bluebottle makes you want to grope art with both hands. In a scene where droll, controlled emotion is favored, they highlight works with a sense of humor and big heart. So run, don’t walk, to get first pick at Bluebottle’s Bumbershoot booth.

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