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By Kathleen C Fennessy

In August, Elijah Wood ("The Lord of the Rings") came to Seattle to talk to the press about his new film. Along with four other writers, I met with the actor to discuss "Everything is Illuminated." Based on the acclaimed novel by Jonathan Safran Foer ("Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"), the funny-sad road movie marks the directorial debut of Liev Schreiber ("The Manchurian Candidate") who, like Safran Foer, is of Ukranian descent (Schreiber also wrote the screenplay). . ...MORE

By James Fraser

In March of this year, Encore, along with in-kind donations for marketing and website development and a $100,000 Anne V Farrell Leadership Award from the Seattle Foundation, made a “soft-launch” of Take Part in Art—an arts coalition of 135 non-profit organizations geared toward democratizing access to Seattle’s art community....MORE

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By Rosa Powers

Art is for everyone. Bluebottle Art Gallery and Store understands this well, providing stunning touchable art for people for almost three years. In addition to their year-round offering at their Capitol Hill location, you should now keep your eye out for them at Bumbershoot 2005 because Andrea and Matthew Porter are coming for their second year. ...MORE

By De Kwok

Want to hear the new Sigur Ros album in its entirety before it hits the record store? Want to know who made Annie, Clap Your Hand Say Yeah and MIA such hot properties before the media vultures propelled them to stardom? MP3 bloggers have been posting tracks by known and unknown musicians long before MTV or the mainstream media got wind of them. ...MORE

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By Jeanna Barrett

When attending PLAYLiST, the new open iPod night at the Mirabeau Room, the staff only asks that you play more than just one artist. “We have only had to stop one person who decided they should torture us with Courtney Love,” the Mirabeau Room’s manager Dave Meinert said. “I think they were from out of town.” ...MORE

Kim Gordon: Chronicles Vol. 1, Cuffs by Spencer Moy, elsewares.com, Beetle RC Battle Bots, dna11.com, modernpoverty.com, Sketchels, Rock Portraits by Jef Czekay ...MORE

By Marc Bianchi

Her Space Holiday has been known for years for lush IDM treated indie “pop that can break your heart faster than a teenage crush.” With his new album, “The Past Presents The Future,” set to hit the stores the last week of September, Marc Bianchi lets us in on what he’s rocking on the hi fi. With a new record and a big tour in the works, it looks like he’s found the right inspiration for his artistry—next comes the loot. ...MORE

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