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We Ask People on the Street What You Want to Know!

Photos: Diane Dunn, Caitlin Cartwright and De Kwok


RACHEL: Jason Webley’s "Against the Night". †I use it to center myself, it makes you see all the different spectrums in an equal light. †It has some of the most beautiful songs and some of the saddest.


ACE: Two songs from Bob Marley...”Who the Cap Fit” and “So Much Trouble."


JOE: The Weird Al album that had "Fat" on it, because I was hella down with Raffi.


RANA: I can picture it, but I can't remember the title... It was the super funkiest thing ever & it made me decide to play the bass guitar!


KRISTIN: The Von Bondies because it inspired me to go back to school and change my life.


ALISARA: “Bone Machine” by Tom Waits.


MINDI: Blonde Redhead’s "The Melody of Certain Undamaged Lemons." †It makes me feel infinite.


ANDY: Hard Ons’ “Smell my Finger.” Life shouldn't be so serious all the time.


PANTS: Radiohead’s "Kid A." It helps me dissolve.


KEN: Woodstock introduced me to my favorite style of music. 3 cheers for Wavy Gravy! If you don't have a sense of humor, live just isn't funny!


LAURA: G Love & Special Sauce’s “Philadelphonic.


DONALD: The GoGo's first album. They cropped their hair, wore lots of makeup and called themselves punk rockers—after that I wasn't a preppy anymore!


ED: “Cosmic Thing” by the B-52's. Huh! Get a job?! What for? I'm trying to think.


JOHN: "Forever Now" by the Psychedelic Furs.  The lush, smart sound forced me to cut my hair metal perm off a few days later.

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