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By Dan Halligan

Against Me! has been on of the more exciting bands in punk rock in the past few years. Their songs have an anthem-like quality—catchy personal, political and social sing-a-longs, laced with emotion, humor, sarcasm and truth. The band has come along way from the fairly humble beginnings to headlining sold-out shows.....MORE

Plugged In
By Skids the Clown

Musically, the dawn of 21st century was not unlike the mid-70s. Back then, the music that inspired Bacchanalian festivals had faded into the soothing tones of Joni Mitchell and the Alan Parson’s Project. It went from being the soundtrack to bizarre social experimentation to being the uninspiring background music for your daily commute that’s still played on divorce-rock stations across the country.. ...MORE

By Emily Youssef

Though the world knows him as one, Ricky Powell is not a photographer. Not a self-described photographer, anyway. Too modest for hyped titles, too hilarious for the beaten path, put simply, he has always been in the right place at the right time. ...MORE

One for the Treble
Brought to you by David Anthony

Filed my unemployment claim.  Checked my tarot reading, looked good for future.  Praying for clarity and guidance. ...MORE

3 is the Magic Number
By Three Imaginary Girls

Bumbershoot 2005 picks: The New York Dolls, Sarah Vowell, the Decemberists. ...MORE

By De Kwok

Rock’n’roll has always been filled with queers—some closeted, some out and proud. If the history of music is filled with degenerates, misfits and weirdos, then you will surely find creative homos at the forefront. ...MORE

Say What?

This month’s question: What is the one song or CD that changed your life?...MORE


Seattle Behind the Bars
With Ish from the See Sound Lounge behind the bar ...MORE

Behind the Bar
The Popular Girls

By Miranda Pinero

If you’re anything like me (and you’re probably not because I am particularly maladapted, in a terrible, boring sort of way) you do anything and everything you can to coax yourself through this tedious, ridiculous business of being upright

. ...MORE

Popular Girls

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